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Overall performance (monthly average) since 8 years : 99,5%

Claims : 0.001 °/o (including loss, theft, partial or total damage, spoliation)

Strong loyalty from all customers.


Late pick up at customers sites due to late departures from the Paris Hub : shipments must arrive at the Hub no later than 10:00 pm to connect with all departures starting at 10.30 pm.

No additional transport fees such as safety taxes, multi-parcels taxes etc.... (excl. Fuel surchagres).

No surcharge for Saturday deliveries.

Rates are agreed based on the average weight per parcels which provides you with full control of your transport costs.

Daily customized reportings

Monthly business reviews to overview the quality performances and monitor any action plans that may be required.




a Pro-Active model


Ability to adapt to specific needs:

In case of extra volumes, we will pro-actively book an additional vehicle to manage the volumes to pick up without any pre-alert required from your end.

Contingency plans available 24 / 7 (back up for vehicles in case of accident, break down, congestion within a Hub...).

Strong flexibility and unrivalled capabilities on pick-up times without downgrading the delivery times.

Hotline available during all nights from 8.00pm until 9.00 am.

All datas are shared with the customers at real time (update of our system is done every second). All IT developments are in house : full control and flexibility of our system.

Full transparency on any operational issues : There is no filter on the data that is shared with our customers.

Drivers are equipped with the latest generation of PDAs : Motorola MC75A (WiFi, 3G/4G/4G+, PGS et caméra) as well as TC55 on Androïd.






Network fully tailored with vehicle <3.5 T: speed limit is 130 Km / h (versus 90 Km / h with heavy trucks) and permitted to operate the eves of public holidays, week endsauthorized permission to circulate the eves of public holidays...

No need to use any Air connexion which avoids consequences from inclement weathers (fog, storms...) or even strikes related to Air traffic.

No strike since the launch of Adhoc Network (8 years).

Direct contacts with a unique availability and dedication from our team. Detailed knowledge of all customers supply chains.

The founders of Adhoc Network remain in full control of the company since 1998, when the brand and the 1st warehouse were originally created. This means we offer strong possibilities in customizing the tools and to constantly upgrade our solutions to best accompany the strategy of our customers.


No operational constraints in opposition to our competitors : Chronopost, Ciblex, TNT, etc ...